WIP Incorporated
World-class welding excellence.

Welding Industries of the Philippines, Inc. is the largest fully integrated flux coated welding electrode manufacturer in the Philippines today—delivering world-class welding products to the local and global market.

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Products and Services
WIP Inc. manufactures a wide range of welding consumables and welding machines, and provides
certificate welding training programs that range from basic to advanced welding.
Welding Consumables

We manufacture a wide range of consumable welding products such as flux-coated Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) alloys and electrodes, submerged-arc consumables, and TIG filler wires.

Welding Machines

WIP Inc. also manufactures transformer and rectifier-type AC/DC welding machines that are well-regarded for their dependability and durability.

Training Programs

As an industry leader, WIP Inc. aims to empower the labor force of the Philippines with the Welding Science and Skills Development Center, by providing innovative, effective, and integrated training opportunities.