WIPWeld Al 4 Si (AWS E4043)

Wipweld AI electrodes are aluminum-cored electrodes for use only with DC welding machines in welding aluminum and its alloys. Wipweld AI electrodes allow the easy maintenance of required arc length because the tip can be kept in contact with the work. Strength and ductility of the weld metal are excellent and resistant equal to that of the base metal. Fast welding speed, attainable with the electrode, reduces distortion to the minimum. Slag is light. Two types of Wipweld AI electrodes are available which differ in silicon content of the weld deposit.

Applications and Directions

A general purpose electrode for welding aluminum and its alloys: pure aluminum. Aluman, Anticorodal, Evional, etc.

Use DC reverse polarity (DC+) only. For heavy aluminum pieces, preheat to 300-390 degrees Fahrenheit. If the workpiece is not sufficiently preheated, the electrode will stick to the workpiece. It is preferable to weld in a flat position maintaining the electrode vertical and the arc short. Apply stringer beads. Remove the slag by brushing in hot water and rinsing.