WIPWeld Groove Rod

A uniquely formulated electrode with special coating for cutting, gouging, and piercing all kinds of steels and grey case iron. No special skills, supplementary equipment or gas tanks required. Cuts and chamfered surface requires little to no finishing. Wipweld Groove Rod is highly recommended for gouging out any faulty weld metal without the need for special cutting or grinding tools. In single- V preparations Groove Rod can be used for gouging instead of back grinding. In repair and maintenance work, cracks and service damaged metal can be removed with Groove Rod before repairs are carried out.

Applications and Directions

Metal-arc cutting is widely used for cutting holes into piping for subsequent welding of branches and connections. Groove Rod is particularly effective in cutting, gouging, and piercing metals and alloys which are difficult to machine, e.g., armor plates, air and deep hardening steels, stainless steels, cast irons and hard metal or work hardening overlays. In both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries Groove Rod is used for the removal of risers and gates from castings and for cutting heavy scrap prior to re-melting.

For cutting: with thicker plates, an up and down motion should be made in the direction of the thickness so that the molten metal and slag run clear of the cut. For grooving/gouging: the force of the groove arc removes the molten metal, by pushing it out in front of the groove with a forward and backward motion. Where possible, the work should be inclined so that the molten metal can run free under the force of gravity.