WIPWeld 112 (AWS - ENiCI)

A pure nickel electrode with non-conductive coating. Ignition does not occur upon contact between coating and work-piece. The electrode melts rather slowly and consequently the wetting on the base material is very good. The deposit is mechanically machinable.

Applications and Directions

Hot and cold welding of cast iron. The electrode is recommended for the welding of areas of difficult access. Joining and surfacing of machine frames and housings of cast iron, bearings, blocks, etc.

Use AC or DC+ current. Except for heavy and complicated pieces where high stresses may be developed or where there is a large amount of welding to be done preheating is not necessary. Joints or parts cracks should be grooved if the damaged parts is more than 5.00mm thick. Root joint should be free from grease, oil, rust, paint, or dirt. use lowest current practical, depositing short intermittent beads about 25mm to 50mm. Remove all traces of slag remnants before applying the next bead. Proceed slowly so that the work does not become too hot. When preheating is required, the whole piece should be kept at a temperature of at least 260 degrees celsius. Do not preheat only a small part of the job, but keep the whole piece hot. For very heaving casting it is best to cool in had, asbestos or mica. For building up large and deep groove, the most economical procedure is to use WIPWELD 16 up to 3.25mm of the surface to be machined and then finish off with WIPWELD NI.