WIPWeld 700A/700Af

Wear-resistant bronze alloy for surfacing of steel, grey cast iron and bronze. The deposit is tough and easily machinable, free from porosity, and corrosion-resistant.

Applications and Directions

Specially suited for metal-to-metal wear such as in gear teeth, bevel gears, gear racks, shafts, cams, slide bars, bearings, metal seals, etc.

Use with oxy-acetylene torch (slightly oxidizing). Properly clean weld area befor welding. Spread surface and base rod 700A with flux F700. Preheat a broad area (cast iron, usually the entire piece), then heat locally until flux melts. Melt filler drop by drop using forehand technique. Do not overheat. When welding cast iron, use normal flame. Remove flux residues mechanically.