WIPWeld 24 SpeedCord (AWS E7024)

An iron powder, high efficiency electrode with rutile-based coating for high-speed welding of mild steel in flat and horizontal positions. Suitable for single and multipass welding, particularly for production fillet welding. Weld metal recovery with respect to the core wire is about 200 percent. Deposits well-shaped fillets and fine rippled bead requiring no further finishing. Slag is compact and self-peeling even from fillets. Coating is non-conductive. Ignites automatically with smooth and quiet arc. Practically no undercutting or spattering.


Applications and Directions

For butt welds, fillet welds, and V seams in flat and horizontal positions. For manufacture of containers, vehicle and machine construction, apparatus manufacture, steel construction, boilers, tanks and shipbuilding.

Use either AC or DC straight polarity (DC-) in flat and horizontal positions only. Hold electrode perpendicular to the workpiece and slightly inclined in the direction of travel. Maintain a short arc. Fillets weld can be made by dragging the electrode on the workpiece. For extremely long seams draw the electrodes but for short ones, push the electrode. Oscillate the electrode for broad beads.