WIPWeld Alum-Bronze (AWS ECuAl-A2)

Special coated electrode with basic characteristics for welding of copper and its alloys. The electrode is easy to manipulate with soft stable arc. Slag removal is remarkably easy.

Applications and Directions

For welding aluminum bronzes containing up to 9.5% Al; for surfacing of carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper and nickel alloys and also other parts subjected to metal-to-metal wear, for maintenance and fabrication of castings, seawater desalting equipment, pumps and pump casing, slide valves of steam engines, gears, bearings, conveyor screws, ship-propellers (ABS types 2, 3, and 4), etc.

Carefully clean the pieces before welding. Remove all oxides or slag traces before depositing the following layer. For copper alloys, it is recommended to preheat and keep a constant temperature throughout the operation. For bronzes, 150-200 degrees celsius, for ferrous metal 100-150 degree celsius is sufficient, for brass 250-300 degrees celsius, for ABS type 4 propeller, 140-205 degrees celsius.