WIPWeld CitoCord III

Specially formulated electrode, giving a cast iron deposit with good color matching. The weldability is excellent, the weld puddle is easily manageable. The deposit is machinable, if the specified preheating temperature of 600°C is observed.

Applications and Directions

For hot welding of cast iron and nodular graphite iron; reclaiming new castings; repairs of large cast sections such as ingot moulds, wobbler ends, etc; filling of cavities, surfacing of worn out parts; also for joining of steel to cast iron.

For large and complicated workpieces, preheat evenly and slowly to about 600 degrees celsius. Hold short arc and electrode vertical to the workpiece. Select the lowest current possible, deposit thin layers. On smaller objects preheating is not necessary. After welding, slowly cool in the furnace or hot ashes, asbestos, etc.