WIPWeld 116 (AWS - ENiFeCl)

A high-strength electrode with machinable deposit for cast iron welding. The deposit is crack-proof. For low-heat welding of cast iron parts such as machine cuts and casting flaws.

Applications and Directions

Best suited for nodular cast iron and joining steel to cast iron, and for welding difficult-to-weld cast iron.

Use AC or DC+ current. Standard practice in welding cast iron should be observed. Or thin sheets, preheating is not necessary. For heavy and complicated pieces where high stresses may be developed or where there is a large amount of welding to be done, preheating should be employed. If the thickness of the damaged part is greater than 5.0mm, joints or cracks should be grooved. The root of the joint should be about 3.25mm-5.00mm thick. Before starting to weld, make sure the work is absolutely free from grease, oil, rust, paint or dirt