WIPWeld Ni Fe (AWS - ENiFeCI)

An iron-nickel alloy electrode for high strength joints on cast iron. Also cold welding of cast iron. Best suited for nodular cast iron and with excellent bonding even on difficult to weld cast irons. Weld deposit is machinable and crack-proof.

Applications and Directions

For repair of cast iron housing, blocks, machinery, parts, frames, for building up worn out parts and correcting machine parts and casting flaws. Also for joining cast iron and steel.

Before starting to weld, be sure the work is absolutely free from grease, oil, rust, paint or dirt. Joints or cracks should be grooved. For thin sections use V-groove. Leave about 3.25mm of material on a proof. Drill holes on both end of the crack. In general, there should be no preheating but, on difficult to weld casting and nodular castings and nodular cast iron, bonding is improved by preheating to about 200 degrees celsius. Use lowest current practical, deposit in short intermittent beads about 25mm to 50mm. Fill crater at the end of each weld bead. Remove all traces of slag remnants before applying the next bead. After welding, cool slowly.