WIPWeld OP 181 F7A2-EL8/EL12 (with EMS1 wire)(AWS F7A2)

An agglomerated submerged arc welding flux designed for the assembly-welding of structural steels. The flux ensures excellent slag removal even from narrow grooves and hot plates. This offers an advantage in twin fillet welding which is accomplished by welding simultaneously two fillets back to back on two faces of a plate with an automatic machine equipped with two welding heads. Welds exhibit practically no porosity even no moist and rusty plates. Welds have a very smooth surface requiring no mechanical finishing. Horizontal or flat fillets are free from undercuts.

Applications and Directions

For fillet and butt welds on structural steel used in bridge construction, shipbuilding and railway rolling stock. For fabrication of steel pipes, storage and LPG tanks.