MangaCrom E307-16

A rutile-basic all position electrode designed primarily for joining dissimilar metals, repair and surfacing manganese and high carbon steels. Austenitic deposits has better abrasion to resistance, less tendency to crack and longer life than plain manganese steels. Easy to manipulate, with quiet stable arc and removable slag. The weld metal can not be cut or gouged with oxy-acetylene torch.

Applications and Directions

Used for welding dissimilar metals which includes 1) Stainless steels to carbon steels to alloy steels; 2) Austenitic manganese steels to carbon steels to low alloy steels. For surfacing and repair of cracks in manganese castings and equipment such as rail points and crossings, rail frogs, etc.For buffer layer before hard surfacing of earthmoving and mining equipment. Also suitable for buffer layering difficult repairs in restrained structures and deep cavities in low alloy steel castings.

Use AC or DC+ reverse polarity. Remove all hardened zones by grinding and make sure the surface is free from rust, grease or oil before welding. Use the lowest current possible. Weld slowly and in short beads to avoid over-heating. For complicated jobs preheating may be necessary.