WIPWeld 347Cb (AWS E347-16)

A specially formulated electrode for welding austenitic Cr/Ni corrosion-resisting steels which have been stabilized against intergranular carbide precipitation such as AISI 321, 347, etc. Exceptional running characteristics in both flat and off-position welding. Slag is easy to remove, leaving smooth sound weld of good contour and fine even ripple head appearance. Deposition rate and efficiency higher than most other brands in its class.

Applications and Directions

Fabrication and repair of austenitic steels equipment used in chemical and drug industries, food processing, etc. For surfacing to resist severe impact and corrosion, joining hard to weld steels and other steels.

Prepare and fit the work carefully, cleaning the joint of all foreign material. Use DC+ or AC current with minimum open-circuit voltage of 70 volts. Proceed with the lowest current possible and a short arc without allowing the coating to touch the molten pool. Short and intermittent welding should be preferred to avoid overheating and distortion. Avoid excessive weaving. Electrode should be coated. discard exposed core wire. Use only dry electrode to prevent blowholes in the deposit. If necessary, re-dry at 250 degrees celsius 2 hours before use.