WIPWeld 16 (AWS E7016)

A low hydrogen electrode recommended for steels of poor weldability. The coating is basic of the lime fluoride type, designed to weld and build up steels possessing high hardenability, high sulfur steels, and structures where cracking is encountered when using ordinary mild steel electrodes. Weld metal recovery is approximately 105% with respect to core wire, 65% with respect to the whole electrode.

Approved by:American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) : Grade 3Y, 3H

Det Norske Veritas (DnV) : Grade 3YH15

Lloyds Register of Shipping (LR): Grade 3m, 3Ym, H15

Applications and Directions

Suited for welding steels having carbon content up to 0.6% as buffer layer on metal before hardsurfacing, for building up parts and for welding cast iron where subsequent machining is unnecessary (deposit can be ground)

Use AC (0CV-60V) or DC+. Hold a medium to short arc. Beading or weaving technique can be used, but the former is preferred for the latter. Do not weave wider than twice the diameter of the electrode. When continuing a run, strike in front or ahead of the crater, stabilize the arc and quickly move to join up position. Use only absolutely dry electrodes. If necessary, redry electrodes at 250 degrees celsius for 2 hours before use.