WIPWeld 10 (AWS E6010)

An all-position deep-penetration electrode with a spray-type arc, flat bead, thin brittle slag. Weld deposit has high tensile strength and ductility and is of X-ray quality. Excellent weldability in vertical and overhead positions. Deposition efficiency higher than competitive types due to the presence of iron powder in the coating

Accreditations:American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) : Grade 3

Det Norske Veritas (DnV) : Grade 3

Lloyds Register of Shipping (LR): Grade 3m

Applications and Directions

Storage tanks, boilers, pipes, galvanized plates, structural steels, refinery structures, oil well casings, fabrications of heavy equipment, shipbuilding, etc.

Use DC reverse polarity (DC+) current. Maintain a short to medium arc. Hold perpendicular to the work surface and slightly incline in the direction of travel, keeping size of the molten pool small. Do not allow coating to touch pool. Clean each bead thoroughly before applying the next. Vertical welding can be done starting from the top or the bottom as the work requires. In overhead welding, best results are obtained by the multiple bead method.