WIPWeld 309MoL (AWS E309Mol-16)

Stainless steel electrode with rutile-based coating recommended for welding 25/14/Mo stainless steels. Its weld metal which contains 23% Cr 13% Ni-Mo provides better corrosion resistibility against sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and sulphurous acid.

Applications and Directions

Also suitable for corrosion resistant lining of mild steel and Cr-Mo steels, for welding dissimilar metals (austenitic steels to carbon steel), for welding of buffer layers when cladding carbon steels and for assembling difficult-to-weld steels.

Prepare and fit the work carefully, cleaning the joint of all foreign material. Use DC+ or AC current with minimum open circuit voltage of 70 volts. Proceed with the lowest current possible and a short arc without allowing the coating to touch the molten pool. Short and intermittent welding should be preferred to avoid overheating and distortion. Avoid excessive weaving. Electrode should be coated. discard exposed core wire. Use only dry electrode to prevent blowholes in deposit. If necessary, re-dry at 250 degrees celsius 2 hours before use.