WIPWeld 312 (AWS E312-16)

Austenitic-ferritic electrode with high tensile strength for welding and surfacing low and high alloy steels. The deposit is crack-proof, corrosion-resistant, ductile, and tough. Easy striking and re-striking. Good wetting characteristics and practically no spattering and undercutting. Finely-rippled bead and self-peeling slag. Deposition rate and efficiency higher than most other brands in its class.

Applications and Directions

Joining and surfacing of high carbon, low and high alloy steels, tool steels, spring steel, manganese steels, case-hardened steels, high speed steels, cast steels, etc. Also best suited for joining dissimilar steel types.

Prepare and fit the work carefully, cleaning the joint of all foreign material. Use DC+ or AC current with minimum open circuit voltage of 70 volts. Proceed with the lowest current possible and a short arc without allowing coating to touch the molten pool. Short and intermittent welding should be preferred to avoid overheating and distortion. Avoid excessive weaving. Electrode should be coated. discard exposed core wire. Use only dry electrode to prevent blowholes in the deposit. If necessary, re-dry at 250 degrees celsius 2 hours before use.