WIPWeld Versacrom (AWS E312-16)

A specially modified electrode formulation with low moisture absorption coating for welding unalloyed and high-strength alloy steels. It has extremely good welding characteristics at very low OCV (45 OCV) AC machines; improved weldability in all positions including vertical-down welding. It has an austenitic-ferritic weld deposit that is resistant to hot cracking and is tolerant of dilution from medium to high-carbon steels.

Applications and Directions

Best suited for joining and surfacing hard-to-weld steels (e.g. unalloyed and high-strength steels, carbon steels, tool steels, heat-treating steels, spring steels, rail steels, manganese hardening steels). For welding joints between dissimilar metals (e.g. stainless steel to carbon steels, to alloy steels, to austenitic manganese steel). Also suited as a stress compensating buffer layer on parent metals susceptible to cracking.

Use AC or DC+ current. Prepare and fit the work carefully, cleaning the joints of all foreign materials. Proceed with the lowest current possible and a short arc without allowing the coating to touch the molten pool. Shot and intermittent welding are to be preferred to avoid overheating and distortion. Avoid excessive weaving. Use only dry electrodes to prevent blowholes in the deposit. If necessary, re-dry at 300 degrees celsius for two hours before use.