WIPWeld TenaCord 70Mo (AWS E7018-A1)

Basic coated electrode for boiler, storage vessel and pipeline construction, for service temperatures up to 525 C. Excellent all position weldability with very stable arc characteristics. Electrode manipulation in root and overhead positions unproblematic. Low spatter loss, ready slag removal and regular bead appearance.

Applications and Directions

Suitable for welding creep resisting boiler and tube steels St. 35.8, St. 45.8, 17 Mn 4, 19 Mn 5, 15 Mo 3: cast steels GS 22 Mo4 and others; tube steels St E 360.7 (St 53.7) St E 385.7 (ST 56.7), St 415.7 (St 60.7); steels to API- standards X52, X56,X60, observe specification on preheating and post-weld heat.