WIPWeld 12 (AWS E6012)

An all-position general purpose electrode with good penetration and fusion characteristics. Well suited for bridging gaps on poor fit-up jobs. Handles easily on light sheet metals as well as on heavy steel structures. Weld has smooth, well-rounded beads with closely rippled surface. The fillets are convex without undercutting.

Approved by:American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) : Grade 2

Det Norske Veritas (DnV) : Grade 2

Lloyds Register of Shipping (LR): Grade 2m

Applications and Directions

Repair, maintenance work, and fabrication of all types of machinery such as construction equipment, farm implements, truck bodies, auto parts, storage tanks, metal furniture, ornamental iron work, sheet metals, etc.

Use either AC or DC straight polarity (DC-) current. Hold short arc and keep the size of the molten pool small and regular. Welding upward is recommended for vertical position, although welding may be done from top to bottom on lighter metal using small-size electrodes (3.25mm or smaller). In overhead welding use small-size electrodes with little weaving