WIPWeld 18 (AWS E7018)

A specially formulated moisture resistant basic coated electrode for highest quality weld. Can also be used for high carbon and sulfur steels, besides mild steel, without danger of underbead cracking. Arc is quiet and stable with sufficient penetration to reach corner of joints. High ductility makes it most suitable for welding thick and heavy sections. Presence of iron powder in the coating gives high deposition efficiency and high welding speed. Weld metal recovery is approximately 105% with respect to the core wire and 68% with respect to the whole electrode.

Approved by:American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) : Grade 3Y, 3H

Det Norske Veritas (DnV) : Grade 3YH10

Lloyds Register of Shipping (LR): Grade 3m, 3Ym, H15

Applications and Directions

Shipbuilding, bridges, heavy construction work, cast steels, low alloy, high tensile steels, pressure vessels, truck chassis, high carbon steels, sulfur bearing steels, welds which are subjected to x-ray inspection, etc.

Use either DC+ or AC. With AC current, the open circuit or terminal voltage of the machine should not be less than 80 volts for best results. Use as much current as the nature of the work permits, maintaining a short arc. Fill all the craters to avoid crater cracking. To prevent porosity, carefully the rules and precautions to be observed in welding with low hydrogen electrodes. Use only absolutely dry electrodes. If necessary, redry electrodes at 250 degrees celsius for 2 hours before use.