WIPWeld Superflex (AWS E7018-1)

A rutile-basic electrode of low hydrogen type for all position welding. High tensile strength with good impact values down to sub-zero temperature of -45 C. Good slag detachability, easy weldability, and a flat weld profile. Weld metal recovery is approximately 110% with respect to the core wire and 60% with respect to the whole electrode.

Applications and Directions

Highly recommended for welding structural steel, pressure vessel steels, cast steels, low alloy steels, boiler steels, shipbuilding steels and many others.

Use AC (0CV=70V) or DC+ current. Use as much current as the nature of the work permits, maintaining a short arc. Adopt a back step method or strike the arc on a steel plate prepared for this particular purpose to prevent porosities at the start. Fill all craters to avoid crater cracking. Carefully follow the rules and precautions in welding with low hydrogen electrodes. Use only absolutely dry electrodes. If necessary, redry electrodes at 250-300 degrees celsius for 2 hours before use.