WIPWeld CrMO (AWS - E9018-B3)

A low hydrogen, basic coated electrode for welding low-alloy steel. It is an all-position electrode with good running properties, low spatter loss and easy slag removal. The electrode is suited for welding creep-resisting steels such as those for high temperature and high pressure service. The weld deposit contains 2% chromium and 1% molybdenum.

Applications and Directions

For welding creep-resisting, loy alloy steel used for high temperature and high pressure steam pipe applications which are met in the construction and maintenance of modern power stations, oil and chemical plants.

If welding is done without preheating, there is a danger of hardening and embrittlement of the heat-affected zone. For best results, keep the arc length to a minimum to avoid excessive weaving. If the coating is accidentally detached from the core wire, discharge exposed core wire on metal before continuing. Due to known adverse effects of hydrogen in welding, proper storage conditions and treatment of electrode should be maintained to keep moisture from electrode coverings. If necessary, redry electrodes at 250 degrees celsius for 2 hours before use.