WIPWeld RailRod

A basic hydrogen type coated electrode specially designed for surfacing applications where abrasion is due to rolling friction. It can be applied directly to any steel with a carbon content up to 0.45% For higher carbon and alloy steels, apply a soft intermediate layer of WIPWELD 16 to prevent cracking. The electrode allows lateral weaving, hence broad flat surfacing free from undercut and spatter can be executed in one operating cycle. Its high deposition efficiency results in considerable economy in costs.

Applications and Directions

For surfacing of rail frogs and switches, rail ends, mine rails, ropeway rollers, tooth flank of large gear wheels and gears rims, guide pulleys on caterpillar vehicles.

Use DC reverse polarity (DC+). AC can also be used as long as the striking or open circuit voltage is not less than 70 Volts. To avoid porosity the electrode should be absolutely coated. Also, keep the arc as short as possible. Preheating of the parent metals to not less than 200-degree celsius is recommended whenever its carbon content exceeds .3%