WIPWeld ManganSteel

A thick coated high manganese (12-14%) electrode for application where severe impact together with some abrasion, is primarily cause of wear. Basic coating makes it suitable for high carbon steels besides manganese steels. Deposit is austenitic, extremely tough and work hardens rapidly to about 580 BHN (57 HRc)

Applications and Directions

Building up manganese steels and castings such as crusher rolls and screens, dipper teeth and lips, dredge parts, shovel parts and idler wheels, manganese rail crossings, gyratory crusher mantles, cool crushing jaws, hammers, etc.

Use AC or DC+. Celan well and grind surface to be built up to remove all work-hardened areas, cracks or spalled metal and any other foreign material. Hold a short arc to avoid excessive loss of manganese. When welding on manganese castings, use as low a current as possible to avoid overheating which causes embrittlement of base material. Beads should be placed so that heat is well distributed. Hammer bead surface immediately while cooling to compensate for shrinkage.