WIPWeld Ni-ManganSteel

A nickel-alloyed manganese steel electrode with basic-type coating for depositing wear resistant overlays on parts of construction equipment and excavators subject to severe impact. Its weld deposit work-hardens on service. Welding in vertical position is also possible. Deposit is austenitic.

Applications and Directions

For rebuilding worn-out surfaces of manganese steels and casting or carbon steel and casting such as crushers, rock-crushing jaws, scraper blades, bucket teeth manganese steel rails, dipper teeth and lips, etc.

Use DC+ reverse polarity or AC. Remove scale, rust, grease or oil from the workpiece before surfacing. Whenever possible, remove the hard surface layer by grinding prior to application to minimize the risk of cracking in surfacing welds. If necessary, deposit a buffer layer first with Mangachrom or 316L. Since manganese steel loses ductility when heated over 300 degrees celsius and post-weld heat treatment may not be possible, it is recommended that repair welds are deposited in short passes with electrodes of smallest possible diameter and with minimum amperage. Peening of the seam immediately after welding is also recommended to obviate crack sensitivity.