WIPWeld SugarWeld 90

A specially formulated hard-surfacing welding electrode specially for sugar mill machinery and allied equipment. The electrode is iron based alloy with manganese, chromium and carbon. Most ideal for rebuilding of sugar cane mill rolls and other wearing parts of sugar mill equipment. Excellent for high impact and high temperature applications under corrosive medium. The electrode deposits hard alloy under ionic arc transference which turns the teeth of the mill rolls to a high wear resistance protuberances, protecting the mill rolls against heavy abrasive wear by the cane during milling. This process increases sugar production up to 50% and reduces wear up to 300%.

Applications and Directions

Sugarweld 90 is a unique electrode that can be welded even if the mill rolls are in motion. The electrode keeps depositing in the presence of sugarcane juice and baggase. For heavy worn-out surfaces, apply a buffer layer of Wipweld 16.