WIPWeld Abrasur 610

An all position hard-surfacing electrode designed for applications subject to severe abrasion and moderate impact. Rutile type coating gives easy manipulation, no undercutting, little spatter loss and practically self-peeling slag. The deposit, with a Brinell hardness of 600-650 (55-62 HRc), is not machinable but can be ground if smoother finish is desired.

Applications and Directions

Bulldozer blades, tractor parts, and hammermill hammers, crane brake drums, scraper blades, shovel bucket lips, cement mill parts, screw conveyors, concrete mixture chutes, augers, brick dies, chisels, moulds, pump housing, etc.

For deposits of alloyed steel, preheat to a maximum of 260 degrees celsius. Worksurface must be free from all impurities as oil, grease, paints, etc. and from hardened cracked or spalled metal to avoid pores and be assured of proper fusion. Use AC or DC(-) current. Use minimum current that will give proper fusion