WIPWeld Abrasur 610LH

Low hydrogen counterpart of WIPWELD 610 designed for hard surfacing of high carbon and alloy steels and for multilayer bead applications where the use of rutile-type electrode may cause cracking. High chromium content of deposit gives good resistance to corrosion. Arc is stable with very little spattering. Slag is easily removable.

Applications and Directions

Crusher rolls and jaws, bucket lips and teeth, dredge pump impellers, dredge cutters, paper breaker rolls, grader and bits, grader blades, asphalt mixer paddles, compactors, hammers, pump housings, cane knives, etc.

Use DC reverse polarity (DC+) or AC current. Keep the arc as short as possible using just enough current to maintain the smooth flow of the molten slag. In horizontal welding use minimum current practical.