WIPWeld Abrasur 716

A high deposition rate surfacing electrode with minimum dilution and spatter. Deposits smooth, corrosion and wear resistant beads. The chromium carbides are regularly distributed in the deposit.

Applications and Directions

For surfacing of parts subjected to severe abrasion but moderate impact. Sand slides, conveyor screws, mixing paddles, bucket edges, crusher jaws, digger teeth.

Lightly grind the weld area. Preheating is not normally required. With certain steels, a small amount of surface cracking may be noticed, but this is unimportant under most service conditions, if necessary, this can be checked by first preheating to 200-400 degrees celsius. Manganese steel must not be preheated and should be welded as cold as possible. Apply 2-3 layers to develop the full properties of this alloy.